Our Mission

First Objective: The primary objective of this corporation shall be the exaltation and glory of God through the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost, and the instruction and edification of believers in the whole counsel of the Word of God. This organization shall endeavor to maintain a balance between the instruction, defense, and propagation of the Faith of God’s Word.

This organization shall work in harmony with any local Bible-believing church, school, college, university, organization, or group that agrees with our First Objective and Articles of Faith. As a ministry it shall act as an arm of the local Bible-believing church, and shall seek to be an aid to the local church ministry.

Primary Objectives for CMI Radio Mission:

  • to actively participate in evangelistic outreach, introducing others to saving faith in Jesus Christ through the proclamation of the Gospel
  • to help Christians become more effective in their personal ministry by building them up with quality Christian education and music
  • to be a unifying factor within the Body of Christ
  • to assist Bible-believing Ministries in accomplishing their mission
  • to provide a Godly compass for future generations
  • to strengthen & support the traditional Family & Marriage
  • to provide biblical guidance to strengthen family relationships