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Lack of mobility keeps many with disabilities stuck in a life of isolation and lacking basic needs.

The Light Radio Network is partnering with Wheels for the World, a ministry of Joni and Friends, to collect wheelchairs and other mobility devices for distribution to children and adults affected by disability worldwide.

With the cost of a wheelchair often exceeding a full year’s wages, a wheelchair is simply not within reach for most people with a disability. The gift of a wheelchair, delivered with the Word of God, literally transforms the life of the person with a disability, as well as the lives of their families.

Wheels for the World brings hope and the message of salvation through Christ to individuals and families – hope that radiates out to impact entire neighborhoods and villages.

The Light Radio Network “Wheels for the World Drive” will be receiving wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches at 140 Main St. Essex Junction, August 11-15.  Items may be dropped off prior to the dates of the drive as well.

More information about Wheels for the World can be found at  Joni and Friends

Word Of Life Camp Thursday Night Concertsbuddydavis

WOL Camp is privileged to be able to offer an incredible lineup of musicians, comedians, and communicators this summer. If you’re already a guest at the Family Campground or Inn, don’t worry about buying a ticket here—you are covered. If you’re not a guest, you’re more than welcome to purchase tickets here

Heaven on Wheels

We are now broadcasting news from Salem Radio Network. You will hear a much more professional sound and will be better informed as to the top news stories of the day. You can find more about SRN here: